Naming the project

What to name it?

We started brain-storming on what to name the project. We did not think such a simple looking task could be so difficult. The name had to be something which reflects the purpose and our beliefs, yet simple and gripping. We knew we had adventure and charity coming together in the project.
The list of ideas and names were exhaustive.
To list a few of them-
1. Ojas: A word of Sanskrit origin which means splendor, vitality and vigor. It could best describe the energy and the spirit of our team to move many miles for the passion of charity and adventure.
2. Project RAY: Raising awareness amongst youth : We are a group of young people pursuing a project which the youth can relate to and hence the RAY. We are a ray from the entire sunshine trying to reach the masses creating a Ray of hope in peoples lives.
3. Ammonite: Ammonite is the fossil of a marine animal which is found in the Himalayas at the peak thus showing that the mountains were originally submerged under water. Thus a word which relates to finding one's own roots.
4. Project ACE (Adventure Charity Explore): This option is an acronym for what we believe in.
5. Project Drive: The drive within us leading us to drive 10,000+ miles.
6. Project Light: Light (as in traffic light), because before we start a journey we can not wait for all the lights on our way to be green. There are many obstacles in the way and they will eventually turn green once we start moving. Also the traffic light is a symbol for driving.

We asked our opinions from friends and family and received various suggestions. Some tried to focus on the beliefs, some tried to be more catchy and appealing, some had a deeper meaning associated with the name.
Some of the names suggested were Project DISHA (meaning direction), Project Kaizen (meaning constant improvement), Project Horn- Ok -Please (a common written statement behind Indian trucks), Speed breakers ahead, Bumps, PATH, I4India, RAVI (meaning SUN), Project YES etc.

It was a fun discussion and great to have creative inputs from people.We emailed, messaged and talked to friends and took an opinion poll on the names. The name which received maximum votes and which we all loved was:


Spark is created when two objects strike against each other. Here we have adventure coming in confluence with the idea of charity and thus creating the Spark. It is the Spark within us which inspires us to take up the journey.

So 'Project Spark' it is !