Why Charity?

Why Charity?

The project started with a sense of adventure, so why add the aspect of charity now? We realized that as we started talking about our project to our friends, families, colleagues it was always associated with a 'WOW!' factor. We thought that the journey can be the best way to raise awareness about a cause, instead of just talking about the journey and the route when we talk to people. It would be like running a marathon for a cause. Shrida's participation on the team also strengthened our spirit towards working for a cause.

Our journey will have 3 phases:
Preparation Phase:
During the 'Preparation' phase, we figured that we can spread the word about our journey and our charities at our workplaces, among friends and family and anyone we meet. Distributing t-shirts and other merchandise, writing blogs, web site, facebook and twitter pages, holding fund raising events towards the launch will help promote the journey and the charities. 

On the Road Phase:
During the 'On the Road' phase, we plan to use our vehicle as our mode of transportation as well as our tool of communication. We plan to print decals on the car which will mention the charities. Traveling 17,000 kms for about 70-80 days and passing through 15 countries, we expect to meet innumerable people and glancing eyeballs. Apart from that, we would be distributing stickers and visiting cards mentioning our website, charities and sponsors. We plan to visit the 'Skanda Vale Hospice care' in the UK and the 'Kedi School' in India at the beginning and the near end of our journey. 

Back Home Phase:
During the 'Back Home' phase, we continue to share our stories with our engaged audience via photos, blog posts and plan to produce a video from the footages we have gathered. We hope this journey will ignite a spark in many others towards adventure for charity. 

Thus we found that adventure and charity go together.