Meet the team

Meet the team
Kunal Modi: Software , 29, New Jersey
Kunal is an inquisitive, adventurous explorer and finds crossing land borders fascinating. He is born and raised in Mumbai, India and lives in New Jersey since the past 8 years. He was part of team last responders for the London to Mali road trip in 2012. Having done trip to Mali, Kunal always wanted to travel back to his native land by road. The cause of education is very dear to him.
He can be described as having an analytical mind, as the one who loves to follow and read maps and as the one who loves to get lost on the road before he finds the right route.

Devanshi Modi: Physical Therapist, 29, New Jersey
Devanshi is a motivated learner, the one ready to face unforeseen challenges. Loves talking and interacting with different people. Natural beauty enchants her.  She is born and raised in Mumbai, India and lives in Jersey since past year and a half. Working as a Physical Therapist and seeing the benefits of rehabilitation in her patients; she really feels for the cause.
She can be described as being free spirited, excited as well as anxious to drive on unknown narrow roads and to parallel park.

Shrida Shah: Teacher, UK
Shrida is an enthusiastic young mother. Idea of charity drives her. She is an active member for fund raising events and volunteering for many charities. Originally from India, Shrida lives in London for the past 15 years. She firmly believes in giving back to the community and is a fine hockey player.
She can be described as an excited, enthusiastic soul. She mentions to carry a hockey stick everywhere she goes in case she finds a field to play.