Do we really want to do it

Is it worth the risk
Most indisputable contemplation's  were
- Such a trip is expensive 
- Such a trip is risky
We understood at this juncture buying a home,getting settled,saving for the future might sound the normal thing to do.And for the avocation of travelling, taking vacations of work and visiting different places sounded logical.
How do we have the money for it? Being on road for 3 months (or longer if we are stuck somewhere) without job and income. To pay for the rent for apartment back in Jersey City and finding funds for the trip itself looks arduous.
I have just started my career in United States and Kunal is also in charge on a new position at work. Does it make sense in going off work, taking break, quitting job and spending a humongous amount  on something which is not necessary. Is it not a big risk? 
Navigating through unknown lands,crossing borders and wandering across countries like Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, China did sound scary. Is it not a risk? Wasn't it like exposing oneself to avoidable dangers and threats.  
 Re contemplating, We will never be 29 again.This is the time when health supports us.There are no added responsibilities of kids. We want to be travelers and not tourists. We can keep working,saving and have jobs all our life.Can I not borrow 3-4 months of my entire life for something which I want to do right now?
 If It is tough and expensive now, time and progressing age is just going to make it worse.There might be more money later but not the same health. After hour lengths of discussions,arguments with self , justifying and convincing ourselves we landed up to a conclusion.
NOW is the time.